A Sunday Evening Drive

So a while back I posted an article about What To Buy With $15k.  For all intents and purposes that article was about following your dreams and buying the less practical car that you have always wanted instead of a more practical, brand new car.  This is another spin off of that.

So often you hear people talking about the new Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche, as if those are the be-all and end-all in the automotive world.  I'm not saying I wouldn't enjoy one, I certainly would, but I do want to challenge a misconception that a lot of people have, old and young.  The misconception is that there is a strong correlation between a cars price/popularity as the satisfaction one gets from it.

Now, unlike the other article I wrote, this article is not about daily drivers.  Because for the most part, if you want a reliable car, and not have it spend all its time in the repair shop eating a hole through your wallet, you need to pay for some level of quality and be at least a little bit practical (my least favorite word when talking about cars). Now, if were not talking about your daily driver, there is a little bit more flexibility. With that said....

I recently went out for a great Sunday evening drive in the car pictured to the right.  The weather was absolutely glorious and it was just perfect to go for a cruise along the coast.  My vessel: a 1954 MG...REPLICA, whom we affectionately refer to as The Duchess.  And yes, you did read that right, the beauty you see posted to the right is a replica, a kit car. It's essentially a mid-eighties Ford Pinto that has been given a custom body to match the styling of a much more expensive, rare and exciting automobile.  For those who don't know cars (which is a little ridiculous given that you are reading an AUTO BLOG), being seen in this car is like going on a date with a damn good Kim Kardashian or Ryan Gosling look-a-like. Everyone stares, most people wave, a few people approach and I can't help but smile.

The best part is, this car, in its current condition would retail for about $6-7,000.  That's not a lot of money for something so special.  And to be quite honest, it has horrid acceleration, worse brakes and fake pleather seats, but this car is a blast to drive.  It gives you a feeling that I cant actually describe in words or provide an accurate analogy to.  Given that I had a perfect SAT score for analogies, that's saying quite a lot.  Its an ethereal feeling that that only a real auto enthusiast will get.

But more than the feeling above, which is the primary reason I love this kit car so much, it has an added bonus that takes into account its value.  As I was driving along I pulled up next to a new(ish) Bentley Continental GTC.  The driver looked over and did a bit of a double take, then preceded to give me an approving nod, the "I dont know you but I respect you" nod.  Now, my car is worth 1/40th the value of that Bentley, yet you could see a bit of the envy in the face of the guy who was driving it.  This was almost like the time when you were 6 and your mom's home made Batman costume trumped the rich kid's exclusive, limited edition, expensive store bought Batman costume because the other rich kid in the class had the same one.  All of a sudden you are unique and more than that you were also economical at the same time. 

Now, I'm not writing this to hate on those who can afford a Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 or a Bentley Continental GTC, because to be honest, I wish I was one of them.  I just wanted to show, maybe even inspire, those enthusiasts who aren't satisfied with their daily driver and yearn for something more fun to drive on the weekends.  To say that there are some fantastic cars out there that offer up a unique and fun driving experience and don't require a second mortgage to afford.  Maybe its not the your dream car, maybe its nothing more than a Ford Pinto in disguise but that doesn't mean it cant bring you a ton of joy.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your driving or saving up for as your weekend car.

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