Koenigsegg Factory Tour

I first came across the video (posted below) on one of my favorite automotive blogs, The Smoking Tire.  Its a video tour of the Koenigsegg factory and if you are anything like me, then the next 30 minutes will be more exciting than the Victoria Secret fashion show.

As I watched this video, I was in absolute awe.  Talking about how it all started, Christian Von Koenigsegg says, "I was 5 years old and I saw this norweigin animated stop motion movie about a bicycle repairman who built a fantastic racing car up on a mountain top in Norway.  I said that's what I'm going to do when I grow up.  And when your 5 years old you don't really think about fiction or reality, its kind of intertwined."  You know the kids that would say "when I grow up I'm going to be a rocket scientist," then they grow up and become a process server or something?  Welllll thats not Christian Von Koenigsegg, he said I want to build amazing cars, and he did just that, and some.

All you have to do is watch and you can see the passion he has for cars bubble up to the surface, like when a kid tells you about his favorite comic book.  The difference is that Christian's actually lives it.  There is a part in this video at around 9:00 when he talks about a redesigned door hinge that took 1000 hours to concept and design.  The sheer amount of detail, blood, sweat and tears that Christian (and the rest of the staff for that matter) put into building these cars makes you almost feel like you're not actually a car enthusiast

Brown-nosing aside, he founded the company in 1994, when he waas 22 years old?!?!  Christian then partnered up with David Craaford and eventually launched the first road legal street car in 2002.  Since then, they have continually grown, churning out more and more of the most exciting cars on the planet.  Last year, they manufactured about 100 cars and with the cost of their cars in excess of $1 million, that's pretty damn good.  I know I said I was done brown nosing but when talking about Koenigsegg, its hard not to.

Now $1 million may seem like a lot to pay, why you could have a fairly decent sized house almost anywhere in the USA or maybe even support a small African village for a few years, but think about what you are getting.  Their latest offering the Agera R is constructed entirely of carbon fiber and is the only production road car to utilize an aluminum honey-comb structure.  This car currently holds 14 world records, and it is pretty damn close to perfect.  The sound that comes out of those tail pipes is so impressive that I might have found a new religion, or maybe this car is just the re-incarnation of Jesus.  Its just unbelievable.

I've posted another video below of a stock Ferrari 458 Italia drag racing vs a Koenigsegg Agera R.  Now, a 458 is no slouch, and a car that many would dream of driving so that we may experience its staggering performance.  BUT the Agera R absolutely destroys it.  Its the difference between a really, really, really fast car.......and a Koenigsegg Agera R.

I truly think, and this is a big statement to make, that this car may be the #1 choice for my "I want to drive" bucket list.  The performance, the exclusivity, the styling, the sound, it really just has it all.  If anyone else disagrees with me, leave a comment and let the world (or just my blog) know what would be the #1 car on your "I want to drive" bucket list.

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